World Reset


Staff member
As many of you know, last week we had a little downtime because of a map corruption, I managed to fix 99% of it, or so I thought. Basically what happened, when we got our new spawn, instead of putting in the overworld, I made it its own world, which I am glad I did now lol. What had happened was....

The main plugin Nucleus that everyone uses, decided to change the world uuid for the overworld, which is how it manages worlds "uuids". This caused a chain reaction of issues, and when we amazingly I might add, hit our record player count yesterday, which thank you for! It started to show its long-term issues, chung gen corruptions, along with tps spikes.

So, I decided to do something I do not like to do, that is reset the overworld. Now, before you freak out, all of your Pokemon, money, tokens, even your inventory, are safe! The only thing reset, is your homes. Now I understand a lot of you have put a ton of time into making things, we will be providing a care package kit that is a 1-time use per player, and IN REASON, you can create a ticket in Discord, and we will replace your valuables. I would like to clarify, I never plan on doing world resets, ever. This was something that had to be done for our server to prosper without issues.

Thank you for being understanding, and know, you will be taken care of! Also thank you for hitting our latest player record of 21 players which the last record was 19 back in August!

/kit carepackage